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VIP Mobile is a european rental service of armored cars with personal protection.
Our clients are embassy members, VIPs and all vulnerable individuals.

Armored limousines

We are the experts in the field of special-protection vehicles. At VIP Mobile, you can hire protected armored vehicles such as the Audi A8 Security with chauffeur and professional bodyguard.

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We've been employed by numerous embassies, presidents and VIPs worldwide. Below you can see a selection of our assignments and references.

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Many years of experience in the security industry distinguishes our successful work. Learn more about us.

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On the safe side with VIP Mobile

VIP Mobile is a limousine service for embassy members and Very Important Persons (VIPs) in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We protect members of embassies, diplomats and VIPs in Davos, Geneva, Bern and Zurich.

Embassy Services in europe, Rental of VR 7/9 amored Cars,
High Security class cars and bulletproofed cars for WEF Davos

Mobile is not just a rental of armored limousines, we also provide protection services for all embassy staff. In addition, we rent VR7 armored limousines and highly armored luxury limousines which are absolutely bulletproof. Call us at +49 8330 94 000.

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Consulting and sales of armored vehicles

We offer new and reconditioned personal protection vehicles in very good condition for sale to a select group of people. Our vehicles are equipped with the highest safety technology.


Do you want to buy or rent an armored limousine?

We will gladly answer your questions by phone: +49 (0) 8330 - 94000

Training and instruction in armored vehicles

In addition to the sale of special protection vehicles we offer our customers an exclusive briefing and training. Compared to a normal vehicle, armored vehicles have exceptionally high security extras. These are explained in more detail in an exclusive training.

Moreover, we provide training in personal protection and can provide instruction for your existing security personnel.


German quality

We sell and rent exclusively German protection vehicles. German cars stand out in quality and performance from other manufacturers of armored vehicles.

As an example, the Audi A8 Security offers differential locking like no other vehicle, the height-adjustable suspension ensures an optimal load distribution.

Worldwide control of the vehicle position via GPS

We secure with our armored luxury limousines and our bodyguards (bodyguards) atmospheres from
Personal protection

To ensure the safety of our clients, we offer constant global GPS monitoring through our security center.  In the unlikely event of a kidnapping, or if the car is stolen, we can determine the location via the GPS position. The vehicles are equipped with multiple miniature GPS transmitters that are concealed in our specialized protection vehicles and difficult to detect or disable by criminals.

Personal protection and bodyguard service

Our bodyguards are trained in the best schools. They are armed and equipped with bulletproof vests to protect the lives of vulnerable individuals. Our bodyguards are available to accompany you at all times, naturally also whilst traveling abroad.