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Armored vehicles and VIP vehicles with chauffeur

modern fleet with Audi and Mercedes Limousines

VIP-Mobile specializes in armored limousines (special security vehicles) and specially trained security staff for embassies and government. Our vehicles are readily available from one of our three locations, Germany, Italy and Portugal.

Our fleet includes armored Audi A8 Limousines, Audi A6, Mercedes E-Class and S-Class Limousines, modern SUVs, like Range Rover Sport, and luxurious Mercedes V-Class vans.

You can select vehicles for your purpose in our vehicle guide. Our area of operation extends Europe-wide. Upon request, we can dispatch to a destination outside of Europe. Further countries.

We’ll gladly consult you personally.

Write to us. We reply promptly.

VIP Fullservice

Clients and cooperation partners

Choose a country for your assignment

Rent armored vehicles in Germany. Within a short time, VIP Mobile is at your preferred destination like Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

In Portugal, our second location, our vehicles are available in Oporto, Lisbon, Bilbao, Madrid and Marbella within 24 hours.

Absolute security in our fully armored vehicles also in France – Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Marseille.

New locations in Italy! From our two locations in Milan and Rome, we are ready to go anywhere in Italy within 24 hours.

On the safe side with VIP Mobile

Vip Mobile is not just a rental of armored limousines, we also provide protection services for all embassy staff. In addition, we rent VR7 armored limousines and highly armored luxury limousines which are absolutely bulletproof.


Exklusive Embassy Services

Protection from assault and ambush by VIP-Mobile personal security. Bodyguard with 24hr protection, armored limousine and convoy protection for VIP’s.

Fast and excellent security solutions for embassies, governments and consulates which need immediate armored vehicles.

VIP-Mobile offers secure transportation for embassies, consulates and the children of members of state and royal families worldwide.