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Porto, Lisbon or Faro - armored limousines

Embassy Service in Portugal

Rent armored and non-armored luxury limousines for your visit in Portugal – be it Porto, Lisbon or Faro. From our base in the south of Portugal we can reach any city in Portugal within 12 hours. Our fleet consists of 6 armored Audi A8 security vehicles and several non-armored luxury Mercedes VIP-vehicles.

With our chauffeur and bodyguard services we will safely bring you to your destination. Upon request, we are at your service 24 hours and can thereby guarantee to respond to your needs.

Zone 1 includes Germany (e.g. Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, etc.) and Portugal (e.g. Porto, Lisbon, etc.) as well as all German and Portuguese cities.

Is your destination not in this area? Click here for an overview of all areas.

We’ll gladly consult you personally.

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Clients and cooperation partners

Rent armored limousine with chauffeur in Portugal

Embassy Express Service for embassies and consulates

With our fleet of armored and unarmored vehicles, we conveniently pick you up at your location and safely bring you to your desired destination within Portugal. Within our area of operation you can reach your destination, for example in zone 1 (Portugal and Germany) within 24 hours. Journeys to cities and countries outside our area of operation can be booked upon request.

All benefits at a glance: