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VIP Mobile Event Planning

Wir organisieren exklusive Events für Regierungsangestellte, VIPs und Botschafter.

We organise exclusive events for government officials, VIPs and ambassadors.
VIP Mobile Event Planning involves the simultaneous cooperation of several of our Embassy Services. Our Embassy Personal Security Service works hand in hand with the Embassy Express Service to safeguard invited guests and organisers alike.
We assume responsibility both for event planning and for secure accomodation for high-ranking guests and participants, whether for business meetings, conferences or "high-end" events. Additionally, we also provide comprehensive security for VIPs. This includes personal security, where necessary, greeting the organisors / guests with special security vehicles, and safeguarding the complete event, including the event venue.

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Portable Body Scanner Hire

VIP-Personal Security staff protect the entrance zones to your event, using special full-body scanners for access control. Additional personal security checks prevent the smuggling in of weapons or dangerous substances. These are effected with so-called hand scanners. If the full-body scanner alarm is triggered by somebody, the security staff deployed by us make use of a hand scanner to check the suspicious person.

The VIP-Bus Fleet at Your Service


We are now able to offer busses for hire, with our new Bus-Shuttle-Service. In this way, up to 89 guests can begin their journey in safety and comfort. Our most highly-trained drivers will chauffeur you and your customers to the desired destination.

Private Ambulances and Rescue Vehicles


In addition, private ambulances (RTW) or emergency doctors' vehicles (NEF) can be ordered to provide for safety during your event. These are staffed by our highly-trained ambulance personnel and a casualty doctor. In the case of emergency, we will transport you speedily and in safety to the next hospital.

Protection from assault and ambush by VIP-Mobile personal security. Bodyguard with 24hr protection, armored limousine and convoy protection for VIP’s.

Fast and excellent security solutions for embassies, governments and consulates which need immediate armored vehicles.

VIP-Mobile offers secure transportation for embassies, consulates and the children of members of state and royal families worldwide.