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Storage of Valuables

Secure Storage of Valuables for Government Officials

We offer you the possibility to store valuables and money in our heavily armoured safes, securely and independent of the bank.

Store your valuables in our secure video monitored lockers and safes. All valuables are insured with an individual insurance policy through our insurance company. The storage site is situated in Allgäu, close to Memmingen, Leutkirch and Kempten.

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Hire of Safes and Lockers

We can offer you entire safes, individual lockers or wall closets with reinforced steel doors in various sizes for hire. Your valuables (e.g. money, gold, juwels, weapons, securities and much more) will be stored under the most stringent security conditions.

Leasing Contract
You will receive an individual quote for your valuables. You can hire a safe or locker on a monthly, or on a yearly basis. During this time, you may have access to your valuables during normal S.A.T. Security & Transport GmbH office hours. Following a separate agreement, individual appointments are also possible.

We’ll gladly consult you personally.

Write to us. We reply promptly.

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What can be accepted for storage?
  • money
  • gold, silver and further precious metals
  • data (hard drive, CD, external CD drive)
  • weapons
  • bankbooks
  • securities
  • precious stones
  • juwels
  • wills
  • other valuables
  • sensitive documentation
  • important business documents
What cannot be accepted for storage?

Please be aware that, for legal reasons, the following items cannot be accepted for storage:

  • drugs
  • caustic, explosive and combustible materials
  • radioactive materials
  • perishable goods
  • any form of illegal items

24/7 Transport of your Valuables to the Safe

We will also undertake the safeguarded Security Transport of your valuables to S.A.T. Security & Transport GmbH's secure safes and lockers where necessary. We provide a 24/7 collect and bring service for stored documents. Our armoured vehicles are equipped to fulfil the latest security standards.

We can deliver your valuables to your desired destination at any time on demand.

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secure storage of documents

Document Storage

We provide you with lockable wallclosets with steel doors within our secure room-safe for the reliable safekeeping of your documents and records.

Secure document storage:

  • 4-fold protected room-safe
  • lockable wall closets with steel door
  • entry passage with multiple security screens
  • alarm system with video surveillance

Storage of Valuables in Accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation

We will store your assets in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidlines. This means: in order to protect your data and your privacy, we treat your personal data absolutely confidentially and will not make them available to any 3rd. party.

Data handling proceeds on the basis of the legal requirements of § 96 par. 3 TKG and of art. 6 of the GDPR.