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VIP-Mobile - Armored Limousine Service

VIP-Mobile is a european rental service of protected vehicles and limousines. We protect statesmen, presidents, embassies and VIPS. Rent a guard with armored limousine

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Available vehicles

Audi A8 Security VR 7/9-9 - fully armored

Full armored VR7/9-9, W12; Full equipment, exterior color: black; Neutral vehicle; Long wheelbase; 3 seats + chauffeur

NEW: Mercedes S-Class - unarmored

Full equipment, Long wheelbase; Mobile office; 4x4 all-wheel drive; 3-4 seats + chauffeur

Audi A6 quattro Black - unarmored

Fully equipped, Interior color black, Long wheelbase, Mobile office, 4x4 all-wheel drive, 4 seats + chauffeur.

Rent a specially protected vehicle with guard 

VIP-Mobile is not just a rental of armored limousines from Mercedes, Audi and Range Rover. We also provide protection services for all embassy staff including 24h VIP Service. In addition, we rent VR 7-9 armored limousines and highly armored luxury limousines which are absolutely bulletproof. Rent security cars with driver /guard for Davos, Berlin, Geneva accross europe.

Armored limousines

We are the experts in the field of special-protection vehicles. At VIP Mobile, you can hire protected armored vehicles such as the Audi A8 Security with chauffeur and professional bodyguard.


We are in operation within Europe and beyond. Lern more about our applications and our zonens.


We've been employed by numerous embassies, presidents and VIPs worldwide. Below you can see a selection of our assignments and references.


Audi A8 Security offers safety and comfort on the highest level.

  • Highest protection class by full armor
  • Neutral vehicle: the Audi A8 Security hardly differs from the outside of an Audi A8 series model.
  • Twelve-cylinder unit: W12 engine with 368 kW/500 hp and quattro
  • BKA certified with a fire safety to the highest shelling classes VR7/9.
  • In addition to full armor, the Audi A8 has an emergency exit system, a fire extinguishing system and many other safety features.



Current references


State visit of the President of the Republic of Paraguay, November 2022

VIP-Mobile secured the visit of the President of the Republic of Paraguay in Berlin.

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High-ranking VIPs of the United Arab Emirates in Frankfurt: August 2022

VIP-Mobiles in action with modern S-Classes. High-ranking VIPs from the United Arab Emirates visiting Frankfurt.

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State visit of the President of the Republic of Angola to Lisbon, June 2022

VIP-Mobile was in armored limousines in operation in Lisbon.

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Dutch Royal House on State Visit to Austria, June 2022

The Dutch Royal House used our armored car service during their state visit to Austria

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Worldwide control of the vehicle position via GPS

To ensure the safety of our clients, we offer constant global GPS monitoring through our security center.  In the unlikely event of a kidnapping, or if the car is stolen, we can determine the location via the GPS position. The vehicles are equipped with multiple miniature GPS transmitters that are concealed in our specialized protection vehicles and difficult to detect or disable by criminals.

Personal protection and bodyguard service

Our bodyguards are trained in the best schools. They are armed and equipped with bulletproof vests to protect the lives of vulnerable individuals. Our bodyguards are available to accompany you at all times, naturally also whilst traveling abroad.

Armored Vehicles rental throughout Europe (Paris, Brussels, Berlin) with personal protection and driver

We can provide your Audi A8 Security with driver and personal protection / security everywhere in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt). In addition, we are also outside Germany in use with our heavily armored limousines with VR7/9 and VR9 armor. In Europe we also offer the rental of armored vehicles in France (Paris, St Ropez, St Tropez, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Versailles) and Belgium (Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels) and many other European cities. The rental of our armored limousine is also possible in the surrounding European countries such as Switzerland (Geneva, Bern, Zurich), Austria (Vienna, Graz, Salzburg), Spain (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Marbella) or Italy (Naples, Turin, Milan). You can rent our armored Audi A8 Security exclusively with driver and personal protection service in Europe (Luxembourg, Denmark, the Netherlands (Amsterdam, The Hague), London UK. For more information about our armored vehicles - Prices and conditions, please contact us by email or telephone. Ask us if you want to rent or hire an armored vehicle / car.

VR = Vehicle Resistance | BRV = Bullet Resistant Vehicle