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5-Star Althoff Seehotel and Spielbank Bad Wiessee at Tegernsee 07 - 09 February 2016

Personal Security

From 7th to 9th February 2016, we were in-charge of top-ranking officials requiring security and an Oligarch at Tegernsee.

Our services thereby included safe pick-up of VIP directly from the airport, transit to Tegernsee in a 5-star hotel, as well as the escorted ride to Spielbank to Badwiessee with personal security guards. For this, we worked closely with the regional Police

Motor pool at Althoff Seehotel, transit to Tegernsee with armoured limousine
Chauffeur service in a secured armoured vehicle with VR 7/9 armouring to Spielbank Bad Wiessee at Tegernsee