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Indian Prime Minister's Stopover in Frankfurt, September 2019

Personal Security Embassy Services

Safeguarding Narendra Modi during his Stopover in Frankfurt.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modireturned from his trip to the USA on 29.09.2019. The Texas India Forum (TIF) had welcomed Donald Trump and Narendra Modi in Texas (Houston). The TIF organised a celebration with the motto "Howdy Modi" in honour of the Indian Prime Minister. Over fifty thousand Indian-American citizens took part in the festivities.

In the course of his visit, Narendra Modi discussed important topics, such as armaments policy and mutual interests regarding Pakistan. Following his 10-day visit to the USA, Modi commenced his return flight. Modi made a short stopover in Frankfurt on his way home, just as he had on his outward journey on the 19.09.2019.

Our VIP personal security staff greeted the Head of State on the runway of Frankfurt Airport directly and escorted him from there to his hotel, in safety and with all speed. This assignment involved VIP personal security staff, our armoured limousines, several vans and an ambulance, which was present in case of emergency.

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Greeting Modi on the runway
VIP Mobile vehicle fleet
Departing Frankfurt Airport
Ambulance on callin case of emergency