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Security Conference (SICO) in Munich, February 2019

MSC Securityconference Embassy Services Personal Security

VIP-Mobile is a valued partner of the Security Conference in Munich.

The 55th. Munich Security Conference MSC, aka Siko, took place once again at the "Hotel Bayrischer Hof", from 15.02. - 19.02. During this event, leading world politicians came together to discuss themes concerning security policies. Angela Merkel, Mike Pence, Fattah al-Sisi and Ursula von der Leyen were among the most prominent guests, within the ranks of about 100 ministers and around 40 Heads of State- and Heads of Governement.

This year, as in 2018 (at that time with something over 60 vehicles), we safeguarded once again the visits of several large delegations – whom we support throughout Europe – with a contingent of 70 armoured and unarmoured security vehicles. Among the delegations were those from China, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Finland, Macedonia, Slowenia, Turkey and Georgia. To ensure the comprehensive VIP-personal security of the high-ranking guests, we arrived well in advance on the 07.02.2019, in order to guarantee the safety of our clients.
This time, our contingent of VIP-fleet vehicles included – beside the large coaches and armoured limousines – our military weapons-safe 22-tonner, which was utilised to transport the high-ranking delegation members' luggage.
Due to excellent cooperative work with the police, the MSC took place without incident

For further information regarding our exclusive Embassy-Service for high-ranking officials of state click here.

A section of the VIP-vehicle fleet, deployed for various duties during the MSC 2019
Direct shuttle-transfer of our clients from the airport to their desired destinations
24h VIP-personal security for high-ranking politicians at the Munich Security Conference
Personal security commando for the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates
Motorcade with armoured special security vehicles, limousines and VIP-shuttle-buses for the Prime Minister of Bangladesh during the Munich Security Conference 2019
Military weapons-safe 22-tonner during the unloading of the high-ranking delegation members' luggage at the Hotel "Vier Jahreszeiten"