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Safeguarding the State Visit of Chancellor Merkel in Portugal: May 2018

Personal Security Embassy Services

From 30.05 to 31.05, we successfully safeguarded Angela Merkel's state visit to Portugal.

During the Chancellor's visit to Portugal, we chauffeured Angela Merkel through Lisbon from Wednesday, 30.05 to Thursday, 31.05.

Following a ceremonial reception, Mrs. Merkel was met directly at the airport by one of our armoured limousines. The official state visit served as an opportunity for Angela Merkel, the Prime Minister António Costa and the State President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, to discuss important issues.
During her next appointment — an inspection of BOSCH's Development and Technology Centre in Bragg —  our trained and experienced security personal, with our armoured limousines, escorted Mrs. Merkel without incident to her destination.

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The Chancellor meets Prime Minister António Costa